1. The Choice Is Ours / Same Faces / To Hold You Now (LTDR028)
    The Flintettes

  2. Rock N' Roll Friend / Hard Time Karen (LTDR027)
    Patsy's Rats

  3. Hard To Stay / Lonely Summer (LTDR026)
    Low Culture

  4. Never Fear / Hollow (LTDR025)

  5. Orange & Me / Our Love Will Always Win (LTDR024)
    Market East

  6. Together Again / If I See you With That Girl Again (LTDR023)
    First Base

  7. Higher Anxiety / Gather Believers (LTDR022)
    Strange Things

  8. Coffee, Tea & Me (LTDR-LP005)
    Just Jeffrey

  9. Dark Drives, Life Signs (LTDR-LP004)
    The Ballantynes

  10. Demimonde (LTDR-LP003)

  11. Open Your Eyes 7" (LTDR020)
    The Flintettes

  12. 12:34 (LTDR-LP002)

  13. Liquor Store Gun Store Pawn Shop Church EP (LTDREP001)
    The Ballantynes

  14. High Above/Hate Myself/Promise Is A Promise 7" (LTDR019)
    Steve Adamyk Band

  15. Out of This Place/Date Night (You Bring the Napalm) 7" (LTDR018)

  16. Night (Was Stealing From The Sun)/ Days Undone 7" (LTDR017)
    The Jay Vons

  17. Faith / Velvet 7" (LTDR016)
    The Ballantynes

  18. Dim Sum/Pepe 7" (LTDR015)

  19. Day Drunk/Come Around 7" (LTDR014)
    The Wild Ones

  20. Power Pop Santa/Xmas Time Again 7" (LTDR013)
    Pointed Sticks

  21. Concrete Depression/A Little Bit Closer 7'' (LTDR012)
    The Tranzmitors

  22. Getting On Home/Picture My Face 7'' (LTDR011)

  23. Buried/Cryptic Transmissions 7'' (LTDR010)
    Fist City

  24. Misery/Stay 7'' (LTDR009)
    The Ballantynes

  25. Sounds That I've Heard/Only Living For You 7'' (LTDR008)
    The React!

  26. The Message/The Railtown Abbey 7'' (LTDR007)
    The Ballantynes

  27. The White Out! EP (LTDR006)
    The Maxines

  28. Squid (LTDR-LP001)
    The Nasty-on

  29. Arms To Hold You/Skinny Little Arms 7'' (LTDR005)
    The Parallels

  30. Fire Starter/Wot I Say 7'' (LTDR004)
    Ape City R&B

  31. Honey Child 7" EP (LTDR003)
    Skip Jensen

  32. Some Girls/Dancing In The Front Row 7" (LTDR002)
    The Tranzmitors

  33. V/A: Vancouver 4 Way 7" (LTDR001)
    Ladies Night, Vancougar, The Beladeans, Raised By Wolves


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West coast independent record label. Limited run vinyl 45s and LPs. Visit our website for more info on the label, artists and to order our vinyl.

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